2010 Arbor Day 5K results

May 10, 2010


The 3rd Annual Arbor Day 5K was held on a wet and windy evening in April 2010.  Although the weather was rough at times, the skies cleared just in time for the race.  Thank you so much to our sponsors and all those who participated in the event. 

Congratulations to Damon Lipinski who won the race with a time of 19:41.  We will plant a tree of his choosing on the cemetery grounds later this year.  The finishing times of the participants are listed below.

Damon Lipinski:  19:42

Jen Barker:  21:55

Jayne Gipson: 23:15

Kenneth Herringdine: 23:21

Eric Hight: 24:04

Kenny Hight: 25:52

Rebecca May: 29:21

Maureen Holland: 34:48

Taylor Williams: 34:48

Kaylie Hight: 36:11

Lara Charbonnet: 36:40

Hazel Ogdon: 37:49

Linda Lipinski: 43:57

Diane Long: 48:30

Roseanne Russell: 48:30 

Leigh Hersey: 48:32

Brandon Marshall: 53:10

Janis Lamar: 1:00:57

For more information about the Arbor Day 5K, please contact the Elmwood Office at 901-774-3212.  We hope to see you at the finish line next year!

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