Return To Elmwood

June 7, 2011

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It is without a doubt that Elmwood Cemetery could not have remained the open, active, vibrantly green cemetery that it is today without the deeply generous support of the following individuals. Anne Stokes, Co-Chair of the Return To Elmwood Endowment Campaign, shared these words regarding the donations and pledges received to Elmwood:

"From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your very generous donations to the Return To Elmwood Endowment Campaign. Your commitment to the future of Elmwood shines like a beacon to those of us who serve on Elmwood's Board of Trustees. It is a reminder to us of just how special this hallowed place is to all. Because your contributions have solidified the security of Elmwood, the Board of Trustees and staff are committed to maintaining Elmwood at its very best.

The purpose of the endowment campaign was to rebuild and further fortify the endowment fund, which suffered during this last recession. A one million dollar challenge grant donated anonymously has been received into Elmwood's endowment fund. This plus your mathcing gifts and pledges, totaling over three quarters of a million dollars, will strengthen the endowment fund for years to come.

The state of Elmwood Cemetery is now strong because of you. Once agin, thank you for your deep generosity. Memphis will have a well-kept, well-managed cemetery. That is our promise."

The following donors are the outstanding citizens who stepped forward to support Elmwood during a critical time in its history. We, the Board of Trustees, staff, families and friends of Elmwood, wish to acknowledge with gratitude the following contributors to the Return To Elmwood Endowment Campaign. 

 Oak Society



Elm Society

Brinkley Foundation

Arthur Fulmer, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Garrott

James E. McGehee, Jr.


Magnolia Society

Mr. & Mrs. Ben C. Adams, Jr.

Douglas Ferris, Jr.

Wilton Hill

Frank & Mimsy Jones

Allen Morgan

Poplar Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Bayard Snowden

Mrs. Florence Snowden

Mr. & Mrs. John Stokes, Jr.


Holly Society

Apperson, Crump & Maxwell, PLC

Jeanne Arthur

Toof Brown

Kathyrn Brown Butler Family


Howard Cannon

Capitola Dean Edmondson Charitable Fund

Mrs. Bryan Eagle

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Fulmer, III

Dorothy Graham

Baroness Mary de Gunzburg

Buzzy Hussey

Stan Justis

Jane Lovitt

Mr. & Mrs. John Maxwell

Don & Peggy McClure

Michael McDonnell Family Partnership

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip McNeill

Henry Morgan

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Norfleet

Clif Phillips

Sisty Phillips and family

Peter Schutt

Susan Stephenson

SWI Partners

Hardy Todd

Henry Turley, Jr.

James H. Wetter Family

Sue Reid Williams

William C. Wilson

William Wright


Dogwood Society

Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.

Sally Aldrich-Molwitz

Billie Allensworth

Viola Amos

Stephen & Roberta Anderson

Terran Arwood

William Baldauf, Jr.

 Rogers Beasley

Ceylon & Lucy Blackwell

Judge & Mrs. George Blancett

George & Linda Bond

Thomas N. Boschert

Perry Bradley

Elizabeth Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Brubaker

Raymond Bryant

Lucretia Burns

Mayrene Buxton

Terry & Barbara Campbell

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Campbell

Hamill B. Carey

Anne Carter

Antoinette Cheney

William B. Clark

Gladys Coins

Dr. & Mrs. F. Hammond Cole, Jr.

Dan Conaway

John Cothern

Larry Creson

Mr. & Mrs. George Crone, Jr.

Meg & Scott Crosby

Minetry Apperson-Crowley

Diana Crump

Betty Darden

Mr. & Mrs. P.C. Davis

Helen Denman

Lorina Dudkin

Peggy Dufek

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Duggan, Jr.

Mimi Galloway Duncan

Becky & Nick Dunn

Catherine Meachum Durgin

Winston & Elizabeth Eggleston

Ron Ester

Michael Fisher & Carolyn Sweeny-Fisher

William Frazer

Catherine Freeburg

Nelson Freeburg

S.V. Fuller

Barry & Marjorie Gerald

Kathy Buckman Gibson

James & Lucia Gilliland

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gooch, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gooch, III

Mary J. Gray

Diane Hall

Wick Halliday

Omie Harding

Judith Harrison

Mary Hatch

Bill Hayley

Walker Hays

Hettie Hayslip

Leigh N. Hersey

Michael Hewgley

Sam & Jane Hollis

Sara Holmes

 Michael Hong

Dr. Sigmund Hudson

R.W. Jones, Jr.

Gail Karr

Sharon Kelso

Shirley W. Kerr

Dorothy Orgill Kirsch

Henry Klein

Donna Kuhn

Louis Kummerer

Barney Kyzar

Norma Lake

Maury Landry

Florence Leffler

Mary Ellen Leftwich

Nell Levy

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Lincoln

William & Mary Loveless

C. Bruce Lynch, D.D.S.

Allen Malone

George & Susan Malone

Jerry & Elizabeth Marshall

Elizabeth Martin

John & Susan McAdoo

Kimberly McCollum

Betty McGeorge

Barbara McGregor

Susan & Roger McInnis

Bill & Dana McKelvy

Robert McKinney

Virginia O. McLean

Jean Meaney

Rear Adm. & Mrs. Joseph Miller

Charlotte Mooney Milnor

Sean & Deborah Morissey

Jerome Morrison

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Muller

John Ralph Muller

Ann Murphy

Dot Neale

Mary B. Neely

Stephen & Mary Nelson

Edward Newton

Margaret & Lytle Nichol

Besty Nichols

Jo Nichols

Harriet Nolan

Louise & Raymond Norton

Kittie Nowlin

Carol Murff Oates

Carlisle S. Page

Mike & Ilinda Parham

Deanie Parker

Frances Perkins

Lawrence Peterson

Elizabeth Petty

Marc Pons

Maryanna Popper

Lewis & Jean Presley

Bill & Leslie Pretsch

Merrie Prewett

 Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Prewitt

Meredith Pritchartt

Mr. & Mrs. William Quinlen

Ruth A. Racely

Dr. & Mrs. E.W.  Reed

Michael Richards

Arthur Richert, Jr.

Lois Robbins

Rita Robison

Betty & George Rodgers

Margaret Salmon

John Sargent

Mary Saunders

Jody Schmidt

Cathy & Bill Schrader

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Scott, Jr.

Carol Sheffield

Agnes May Short

Jean Sights

Kathleen Sims

Katherine Skefos

Kathryn Skinner

Raymond Smelley

Bonnie & Chapman Smith

Ham & Katherine Smythe

Brinkley Snowden, Jr.

The St. Clair Family

Robert Stalls

Nancy Steinmacher

Fay Stewart

Huey & Norma Stewart

Emma Stotts

Elise Stratton

Geneva Stroud

Tom Sutton

Eunice Tenet

Betty Tong

Peggy Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. John Thomason

Henry Thompson

Martin Thompson

Michael & Tempe Thompson

Thomas Tweel

Mary Sue Turner

Rosa Valentine

James Vaughan

Dr. James Wade II

Hal Tabb Walker

Dr. & Mrs. Otis Warr III

Janice Warren

Anne Watson

Judge & Mrs. Harry Wellford

Anna White

Jessie K. Williams

Ruby Williams

Thomas M. Williams

Archie Willis II

Marc Willis

Rosalyn Willis

Mrs. John M. Wilson

Marguerite Wilson

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