Adopt A Magnolia

August 16, 2011

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Elmwood is a Level II Arboretum, and there are almost 1,500 trees on the grounds. Literally hundreds of those trees are Southern Magnolias. That particular tree does a number of things very well: it smells wonderful when it's blooming, it provides excellent climbing branches for kids, makes tons of shade, and sheds leaves just about nonstop.

So we're turning to you - Elmwood's friends and families - to help us with the leaves. It costs $25 to participate in this program (we can take payment over the phone if you like). Membership in the program is going to be renewed once a year. We will put a nice, small plaque on the tree that denotes your participation. You'll also be listed in Elmwood's newsletter as well as on the website, and on Facebook!

You'll come out to the cemetery four times a year - once per season - and rake up the leaves beneath your tree(s). Please bring large garbage bags and rakes and any other tools you prefer. All you have to do after the leaves are raked into bags is to tie the bags closed and place them by the street. Our Superintendent will pick them up.

Thank you for joining the Adopt A Magnolia Team. This beautification program is going to do wonders for Elmwood - and it's all because of you.

To sign up, email kmccollum [at] elmwoodcemetery [dot] org or call 901-774-3212.  

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