Elmwood University: Classes Enrolling Now.

January 4, 2012

Phyllis Peterson As Chinoe Hart Smith

Do you want to know more about Memphis history? Attend Elmwood University and get to know Memphis’ oldest active cemetery while you learn more about the individuals who helped shape a small river town into a modern metropolis. Two colleges within Elmwood University will train students (like you!) to deliver history-based tours – sometimes in costume – and preserve some of Elmwood’s oldest monuments.

Elmwood is known for its large collection of Victorian funerary art. Students enrolling in Stone College will be trained to assist in the preservation of Elmwood’s oldest and most fragile monuments. This workshop will focus on cleaning, leveling and restoring monuments. Graduates of this three hour workshop will be invited to participate in scheduled monument cleanings and restoration events throughout the year.

More than 5,000 area students tour the cemetery each year. Elmwood’s annual Costume Twilight Tour attracts more than 1,000 visitors over the course of 2 hours! Students of Ambassador College will be trained to give tours, as well as how to wear a costume and deliver a script that will captivate a crowd! Graduates of this college will be invited to participate in a variety of tours and special events happening at Elmwood.

Class will meet on Saturday, March 3rd at 9AM. Students can enroll in only one class at a time, but never fear: additional classes will be added soon! Tuition to attend Elmwood University is $25 per person. Please call Kim at 901-774-3212 to register for class today. Or if you'd like to enroll online, visit 

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