It doesn't just make a sound. It leaves a mark.

September 9, 2011

Elmwood is home to over 1500 trees.  Spring and fall are two wonderful times to visit the cemetery.

When the wind blows through Elmwood, you can hear the creaks and groans of history, the strain on ancient limbs, the pull on the roots of generations. And all of it can and does come crashing down on hallowed ground, on 159 years of the who and what marking our time here.

It sounds devastating.

With trees as old and magnificent as ours, and with as many as we have, they will fall. As vigilant and aware as we might be of potential problems, our best efforts can’t prevent the loss of some of our trees. Five trees and counting this year.

It leaves us with work to do.

As hopeful as we might be and thankful of the huge trunks and limbs that miss our monuments, many will be broken if not destroyed. This year alone, our related expenses from downed trees approach $18,000. We have no way of knowing what the cost will be year-to-year, but we have to repair those monuments, replant new trees and treat those that appear distressed.

The time has come for us to establish a separate fund dedicated to the maintenance of our historical canopy, and the restoration of our irreplaceable monuments and markers lying helpless and still beneath the mighty limbs.

Help us keep Elmwood Ever Green.

Please help us raise $18,000 in the next 90 days to both address this year and to set up the Elmwood Ever Green fund to address all the years to come.

Our trees serve us as both cemetery and arboretum, resting place andrestful space. Please help us recognize their contribution, and their danger, with a generous contribution of your own.

As always, thank you.

The Tree Committee

Jeanne Coors Arthur  and Terran Arwood

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