Paul Johnson: Elmwood Handyman and Hero

September 1, 2011


Volunteer Paul Johnson recently stepped up to assist Elmwood Cemetery with a construction project that was long overdue. In short, Paul built a door. 

Paul and his wife Cathi have been spending time at Elmwood for quite some time now. Trimming trees, leading tours, appearing in character, and supporting each other's volunteer work at Elmwood is what they do as a collective (and they are most definitely a team).  

So when Cathi mentioned that Paul owned and operated his own Contractor business, the staff asked if he would be interested in replacing the old, moldering crawl space door on the east side of the Cottage.

Paul gladly agreed to take on the project, and the result is a new, properly-fitting door to the crawl space beneath the Cottage. To show him our appreciation, we attached a plaque to the door thanking Paul for his donation.

The friends, families, staff and Board of Trustees thank Paul for his donation. We also invite you to volunteer in whatever way you can at the oldest, most historic cemetery in the city of Memphis. 

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