The David McCrosky Volunteer Photographer-In-Residence Program

December 29, 2011

Wrought Iron on a family lot.

If you've enjoyed the photos on Elmwood's website or on the cemetery's Facebook page, there's a very good reason. The photos were (largely) taken with the care and expertise of one of Elmwood's Photographers-in-Residence.

The program began when a local photographer named Dave McCrosky paid a visit to Elmwood one day. He was a casual visitor who became infatuated with the beauty of Elmwood, and took hundreds of photos, which he generously donated to Elmwood. His photos are displayed on the Gallery section of this website.

Dave continued to donate photos to Elmwood. His generosity gave rise to an idea that maybe other photographers would like to take photos of Elmwood and donate them to the cemetery, too. With Dave's permission, the David McCrosky Volunteer Photographer-in-Residence Program was born.

A select few have had the privilege of being named Elmwood's official photograher, a year-long position that pays nothing. The photographers are asked to take as many photos of Elmwood as they like over the course of the seasons, documenting the changing colors of the trees, the monuments, and even the special events that take place at Elmwood. The photos are released to Elmwood to use how the cemetery sees fit: in a book, on a website, or hanging on the cemetery Cottage walls, to name a few.

With the close of 2011, we say thank you to Danny Bowers, the most recent photographer, who spent countless hours at Elmwood, in the heat, the rain, and the cold, taking timeless photos that will be enjoyed forever. Danny's excellent work can be found in the Gallery section of this website.

The new year brings new photos, this time from Shonna Springer, another committed and talented photographer who has exhibited her work in Elmwood's Gallery, too.

As the new year begins, and when you see photos of Elmwood, we hope that you will remember the story behind the snapshot.  

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