The Sublette Family

May 3, 2011


The Elmwood staff is comprised of Directors, Coordinators, Crew members and Superintendents. Todd Fox is a Superintendent at Elmwood and has been for over 25 years. Below is a letter from a family who had a great experience at Elmwood while under the care of Todd: 

"Please share the pictures I will be forwarding to you with Mr. Todd Fox. As you might remember, when my father died in January my 10 year old son, Duncan, suggested that we bury his grandfather at Elmwood. His 4th grade class at St.  Dominic's School had recently taken a field trip to Elmwood and he had a great experience and came home with wonderful stories of Memphis history. Your tour guide made an incredible impression with our son as he spoke with
such passion and enthusiasm about Elmwood and all the possible places within the cemetery to bury my father and his grandfather.

You may recall when we drove around with Mr Todd Fox, my son had narrowed his choices down to plots near the swing, or the man who did not like pigeons, or the man with his fingers crossed behind his back. Near the swing was the obvious choice  once my sister and I toured the cemetery with Todd.

The Saturday before Easter we enjoyed a great afternoon with my dad and on the swing! It's great hearing children's laughter and seeing joyful smiles when I am there. Tell Todd the swing got a work out Saturday but the ropes were strong!  Thanks again. Below is a picture I took Saturday. Please share these with Todd as well as the others I forward. Thanks again."

Bill and Natasha Sublette

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