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For eight generations, the generosity of our friends has allowed us to meet every winter challenge and greet every spring with new growth and renewed faith. 

You keep Elmwood the tranquil, beautiful, therapeutic place that it is. 

Your donation can be applied to the following programs. 

The Victims of the Children's Home Society Monument Fund - Fully Funded

Elmwood Cemetery has been in business since 1852 and has long served the Memphis community in times of need. Elmwood serves as silent sentinel over the history of the city that is as diverse as the people who rest beneath its canopy. This includes the victims of the Tennessee Children's Home Society. 

We are very pleased to announce that the fundraising effort for the purchase of a monument on this lot, for these children, is funded. Information will be released soon regarding a dedication date.  

Please call Kim McCollum at 901-774-3212 or email kmccollum [at] elmwoodcemetery [dot] org with questions.

Thank you.  

Elmwood Ever Green

Many of the Crepe Myrtles were planted by Carlisle S. Page,  long-time trustee of Elmwood.  The Arboretum at Elmwood was named in his honor.

Careful stewardship of natural resources and special appreciation of nature’s cycles have guided Elmwood since our beginning.  Through drought and pestilence, war and peace, depression and recession, celebration and sorrow, our magnificent trees have shaded our families, our visitors, and our city’s history.  They’ve housed our songbirds, improved the quality of the air we breathe, and the quality of the time spent here.  A million spectacular blooms have marked our paths and the course of our lives.  The meticulous attention paid to these 80 sacred acres reflects our respect for all that grows, and for all those in our perpetual care.

Make a gift to the Elmwood Evergreen Fund.

Book Restoration Fund

Books 2tif

For over a century and a half, the same lot books and daily burial records have offered important information to the staff of Elmwood. The books, housed safely in the Elmwood vault, are considerably worn and absolutely irreplaceable. They have been called "priceless" by preservation specialists. Without these books, the cemetery could not operate, period. Your donation to the Book Restoration Fund will be applied directly to the repair and archivally-accurate preservation of Elmwood's books. Some families have opted to underwrite the repair and maintenance process of the lot book that corresponds to the section where their families rest. Included with a "finished" book is a leather plaque affixed to the inside cover of each book noting the person or people who supported the project. For more information on how you can donate to a particular lot book or daily burial record, email historian [at] elmwoodcemetery [dot] org.

Make a gift to the book restoration fund.