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Visitors are welcome to step back into history and experience eighty acres of stately trees and statuary in the beautiful blend of nature and art that is Elmwood Cemetery.

Please come by the Victorian Carpenter Gothic Cottage which serves as our Visitor Center for maps, audio tours, picnic tables and handicap accessible restrooms. Research assistance is also available in the cottage, and security is on the grounds during business hours.

Tickets purchased for any of the events below are not refundable. Coupons are used for "Elmwood 101" tours only.  


Stone College

An Elmwood University Workshop


Elmwood is known for its large collection of Victorian funerary art. Students enrolling in Stone College will be trained to assist in the preservation of Elmwood’s oldest and most fragile monuments. This workshop will focus on cleaning, leveling and restoring monuments. Graduates of this two and a half hour workshop will be invited to participate in scheduled monument cleanings and restoration events throughout the year.

The cost to attend is $25/person. Advance registration is required. Please wear comfortable clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. For more information about Stone College, please visit our page about Elmwood University.

Mother's Day Tea

Take time out from the hustle and bustle and enjoy a lovely mid-morning tea at Elmwood. After tea, mimosas, scones, lemon squares, and brownies, there will be an abbreviated tour of the cemetery grounds. What a grand way to spend a spring Saturday morning!

Comfortable walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing is recommended. Admission is $35 per person and advance registration is required. This event begins at 10:00 AM. Questons? Call us at 901-774-3212. 

Please note, this event takes place the day before Mother's Day. 


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A Magnificent Obsession: Victoria, Albert, and the Death That Changed the British Monarchy

A Read In Peace Book Club Meeting

An review states of this work by Helen Rappaport:

"After the untimely death of Prince Albert, the queen and her nation were plunged into a state of grief so profound that this one event would dramatically alter the shape of the British monarchy. For Britain had not just lost a prince: during his twenty year marriage to Queen Victoria, Prince Albert had increasingly performed the function of King in all but name. The outpouring of grief after Albert's death was so extreme, that its like would not be seen again until the death of Princess Diana 136 years later.

Elmwood Cemetery is the south's finest example of a Victorian cemetery. Queen Victoria's life of mourning directly impacted the development of these beautifully shaded and adorned 80 acres. 

Victoriana-Historian Jeanne Crawford will join the group to talk about Victorian mourning customs, as well! 

This book may be purchased online and through special advance order at Burke's Bookstore. Please call 901-774-3212 to reserve your seat at the table, or email historian [at] elmwoodcemetery [dot] org. Meetings begin at 10 AM in the Lord's Chapel. 


African-American Genealogy in the 21st Century

A Lunch & Lecture Presentation

Genealogist Tiffany Momon, creator of, will speak at noon on Thursday, May 14th, about her work in tracing her own family genealogy through the south and during the era of slavery. Her work to uncover her own family's history has inspired her to earn a Masters degree in public history. She'll talk about her study of history in this hour-long presentation. 

Reserve your seat here or call 901-774-3212 for further information. Advance registration is required. Cost is $7 per person.

This Lunch & Lecture Presentation is brought to you by a special grant from the Crawford-Howard Private Foundation.  

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An Evening Tour of Elmwood

How would you like to step back in time and see the world through Victorian eyes? The Elmwood trees and 80 acres of adornments will enchant you as you stroll through the cemetery after hours. Who knows what sights and sounds await to spark your imagination? 

Gather at the Cottage at 5:30 pm for a walk through the cemetery at dusk with Executive Director Kim McCollum. Beverages will be available at a donation bar.

Reservations required. Admission is $20. Click below to sign up, or call 901-774-3212.  

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Memorial Day at Elmwood

A Clean-Up & Tour Event

Join the staff of Elmwood on Monday, May 25th, for a traditional Memorial Day clean up at Elmwood. We invite all of our families and friends to bring their work gloves, rakes, and plastic bags and perform a clean up of your family lot, Confederate soldiers rest, or any place in the cemetery that beckons you. 

We'll welcome you at 8 AM. Stop back by the Cottage where we'll serve lemonade and cookies until late afternoon. We will also pass out small American flags to place at the gravesites of your choosing. 

At 10:30 AM, there will be a special tour of Elmwood Cemetery! This tour is optional. It lasts 90 minutes and costs $15. Meet us at the Cottage at10:30 AM if you'd like to come along. 

This event is open to all. For information, call 901-774-3212.  

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Elmwood & the Civil War

A Lunch & Lecture Presentation

Civil War Historian Doug Cupples, Professor of History at the University of Tennessee's Health Science Center, will highlight the direct connections between Elmwood and the war on Wednesday, June 10th, at noon. There are 20 Confederate and Union generals at Elmwood, did you know? And Confederate Rest is the final resting place for 1,000 soldiers...

Bring your lunch and we'll provide a drink and a sweet treat. Registration is required. Cost is $7. Sign up here or call 901-774-3212. Starts at 12:00 PM.

This Lunch & Lecture Presentation is brought to you by a special grant from the Crawford-Howard Private Foundation.  

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The Memphis Music Tour

A Walking Tour through Elmwood

Memphis musician Willy Bearden leads a tour on Saturday, June 13th at 10:30 AM that will surely resonate with you. Join him for the "Memphis Music Tour" of Elmwood, where you'll be introduced to the music that echoes through the lives of the people who rest here. 

You'll hear the song that's inspired by a young woman who froze to death for refusing to wear a coat. You'll visit a Confederate composer, a Big Band legend, blues singers, producers and more on this 90 minute walking tour. 

Save your spot and register today by clicking the link or call 901-774-3212. Cost is $15.


One America: Moving Beyond the Issue of Race

A Read In Peace Book Club Selection & Meeting


"One America: Moving Beyond the Issue of Race examines the underlying challenges preventing Americans from achieving the level of racial harmony that most of us desire.

Art Gilliam shares his experience of growing up in the Deep South during the 1950's -- a time when racism was pervasive. His personal story reflects the impact on the black psyche of being black in America during a period of transition from the back of the bus to the election of a black president."

The Read In Peace Book Club meets at 10 AM in the Lord's Chapel at noon. Author Art Gilliam will join us for this discussion. To reserve your seat at the table, email historian [at] elmwoodcemetery [dot] org.  

This title is available at and local bookstores. Call 901-774-3212 for more information. 


Pawing Through History

A Brown Bag Lunch & Lecture Presentation

Cats, dogs, birds, fish, lambs, butterflies and dolphins are all found carved into stone at Elmwood. They symbolize different sentiments, too. The Victorian Age brought about these special symbols, and what they stand for is just as meaningful today as it was in 1852. 

Join us on Friday, August 28, 2015 for a noon-time presentation on the animals of Elmwood. Bring your lunch; we'll supply a drink and a dessert. The cost is $7 and you can register online. 

This presentation is brought to you through a special grant from the Crawford Howard Private Foundation.  

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