Events May 2019

Visitors are welcome to step back into history and experience eighty acres of stately trees and statuary in the beautiful blend of nature and art that is Elmwood Cemetery.

Please come by the Victorian Carpenter Gothic Cottage which serves as our Visitor Center for maps, audio tours, picnic tables and handicap accessible restrooms. Research assistance is also available in the cottage, and security is on the grounds during business hours.

Once you register for an event through Eventbrite or over the phone you will be added to the registration list for that event. For Eventbrite registrations, you may print your receipt or save it to your mobile device, but it is not necessary. You can simply give your name, or the name of the purchaser, when you arrive for the event. 

Registration for all events at Elmwood Cemetery is final and non-refundable. 


Tree Tour of Elmwood Cemetery

Elmwood is home to almost 1,400 trees. Many of these trees are tagged, but there's so much more to know about a tree than its scientific and common name. Some of the trees that live in Elmwood are older than the cemetery itself - those are the trees we call witness trees. They lived through the changes taking place around them, silently, majestically, for sometimes 300+ years. We will show you a few of these on this special tree tour.

Join us for this tree tour of the cemetery grounds. Cost for the tour is $20 per person. The tour will begin at 1:00 pm, lasts about 90 minutes, and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

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Mother's Tea

Take time out from the hustle and bustle to enjoy a lovely mid-morning tea at Elmwood. After tea, scones, lemon squares, and other delicious treats, there will be a short but sweet tour of the cemetery grounds. What a grand way to spend a spring Saturday morning. If you've attended this event before then you know how divine it is - and that early registration is highly recommended, because it will sell out!

Comfortable walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing are recommended. Admission is $40 per person and advance registration is required. This event begins at 10:30 AM. Questions? Call 901-774-3212. 

Please note, this event takes place the day before Mother's Day

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The 200 Years Strong Tour

A tour two centuries in the making

Happy bicentennial! Memphis commemorates its 200th anniversary this year, and many of the people who laid the foundation upon which Memphis was built are buried at Elmwood. Have you ever wondered who built the fabulous buildings downtown? Or who it was that lived in the shanties in the old Pinch district? What did the first mayors of the city have to contend with as the population grew? Where did the settlers of Memphis come from originally? This walking tour of Elmwood uncovers it all and then some.

Join Assistant Director and tour guide extrordinaire Bob Barnett as he brings his latest creation to life. This tour lasts 90 minutes and begins at 10:30 am. $20 per person.

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The 200 Talk: Elmwood & The Memphis Bicentennial

Guest Speaker Willy Bearden

The city of Memphis was founded in 1819 by James Winchester, John Overton, and Andrew Jackson. The land on the bluff was filled with big, old trees, mosquito-infested, swampy land, and generally needed a lot of work before human habitation could take place. But the people stayed and the "city of good abode" was forged.

Thirty-three years after the city was officially chartered, a fine garden cemetery was founded on the outskirts of town. The rich, the poor, and everyone in-between was buried from then on at Elmwood Cemetery, and we're inviting you to join us to hear a little bit about the whole lot of it. 

Join us on Sunday, May 19th at 1:00 pm for an indoor, seated presentation in the Lord's Chapel. Guest presenter Willy Bearden will share fantastic vintage photos of the city, some Memphis history that you might not yet know, and the stories of the people who rest at Elmwood. We'll serve beer, wine, and plenty of snacks, and after the hour presentation you'll get the chance to ask questions, buy Elmwood merchandise, and have a stroll around the cemetery grounds.

Reservations only for this presentation, please! Admission is $20 per person; all proceeds from this event benefit historic, nonprofit Elmwood Cemetery. 

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The Memphis Music Tour

A Walking Tour

Rhythym is our business...

Join us for the Memphis Music Tour led by Memphis musician, historian, filmmaker, and author Willy Bearden on Friday, May 31st at 6:00 pm. This tour will surely resonate with you! On this tour, you'll be introduced to the music that echoes through the memories of the musicians who rest here. We'll visit a Confederate composer, a Big Band legend, blues singers, horn players, producers, and more. Beer and wine will be available for sale before the tour begins.

Save your spot and register today by clicking the link or call 901-774-3212. Cost is $20 per person.

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