Funeral Services

Fall Angel

"Dear Elmwood,

It was a little over five months ago when I buried my beloved mom in Elmwood. I hadn't been to the cemetery before selecting the plot, but knew I had found the right place the second I crossed the bridge. I just got my first newsletter from you. I had to write to say again...the newsletter proved for the hundredth time that I had found the perfect place for her. I loved reading the news and I'm truly so thankful for the incredible community Elmwood is. It has truly made this more bearable.

Very best regards,

Erin Hillis" 


For 162 years, Elmwood Cemetery has provided dignified burials in beautiful surroundings at reasonable prices.

Our professional Cemetery Services staff has a combined 30 years of service to Elmwood, ensuring that families receive the compassionate, professional service that is needed at such a critical and emotional time.

Elmwood Cemetery is not closed, full, or an "exclusive" cemetery. In fact, there are 15,000 spaces available for purchase at Elmwood right now. Elmwood serves the whole Memphis community and always has, going all the way back to 1852. 

There are many ways to be remembered at Elmwood, from a tradtional burial with a graveside service to a reception in the Lord's Chapel to the inurnment of cremated remains in the Stokes Columbarium. 

Purchasing spaces at Elmwood is very easy, and can be accomplished even by email. The staff of Elmwood is not commissioned, nor are there hidden surcharges that you will experience. Elmwood is a nonprofit organization and does not charge tax. Perpetual Care is included in the cost of burials. 

The price of a grave space at Elmwood ranges from $1,295 - $4,995. The opening/closing fee at Elmwood is $1,200. There are nominal fees associated with after hours burials. 

Burial in Elmwood Cemetery does not require a vault. 

Large family lots are available for purchase as well. The staff encourages you to call with questions at any time at (901) 774-3212 or email us(bob [at] elmwoodcemetery [dot] org).

The Cemetery Services staff at Elmwood can also assist you in ordering government markers for veterans and provide you with a list of local monument companies in Memphis. Elmwood charges a fee to set monuments: $150 for veterans' or government markers and $100 for non-government markers.

For more information or pricing, please contact the Elmwood office at (901) 774-3212.


Elmwood Cemetery allows Green Burials. Green burials are an environmentally-conscious approach to interment. These burials typically involve a shroud or biodegradable casket without a burial vault or liner, and alternative use of embalming fluids. A licensed funeral director will be able to explain the process of Green Burials. Check with your local, trusted funeral homes to inquire about this safe alternative to traditional funeral practices.

Headstones and monuments are allowed for Green Burials at Elmwood.

The prices for Green Burials at Elmwood are the same as a traditional interment services.