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Elmwood Arcadia Book

Elmwood Cemetery (Images of America)

Gathering 150 years of images held by the Memphis Public Library, the University of Memphis, the Library of Congress, Elmwood's own archives, and private collections, Kimberly McCollum and Willy Bearden have told the stories of the people who rest at Elmwood. 

A great gift for anyone interested in Memphis history! 

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Elmwood: In the Shadow of the Elms by Perre Magness; Photography by Murray Riss; Introduction by Shelby Foote

This book offers biographical sketches of more than 1,200 individuals plus a history of the cemetery, the city of Memphis, and the Rural Cemetery Movement as evidenced in Elmwood. There are more than 50 pages of color and black and white photography, including never-before seen photos from the private collections of many Memphis families.
Copyright: 2001 (text), 2004 Second Edition; Hardcover: 328 pages

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Reflectionsof Memphis DVD Cover Color Front

Elmwood: Reflections of Memphis DVD

Learn about Elmwood's residents and Memphis history with this DVD from William Bearden. Includes interviews with cemetery staff, board members and local historians. Copyright 2002

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Booklet Cover

Civil War Tour

This self-guided walking tour introduces you to 38 of Elmwood's residents who played vital roles during the American Civil War.  Learn the stories of soldiers, politicians, spies, journalists, and other ordinary citizens who faced war on their own doorstep. This booklet includes photos and biographical sketches.  

Paperback: 22 pages

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Dan Conaway Book

I'm a Memphian By Dan Conaway

Character references for a city filled with it and often absolutely full of it. Autographed copy.  

Hardcover: 207 pages 

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Cotton: From Southern Fields to the Memphis Market By William Bearden

The captivating history of a plant's profound influence on the world.

Copyright: 2005; Paperback: 128 pages

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Confederates of Elmwood by John W. Cothern

This is a compliation of information about the Confedrate soliders buried at historic Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis, TN. The information comes from cemetery records and service records and is intended to be a memorial and lasting record to the more than 1000 Confederate soldiers and veterans, inlcuding 20 generals, buried at Elmwood and to be a resource for anyone researching their Confederate ancestor. Paperback; 233 pages

Copyright 2001

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Gone by Nell Dickerson and Shelby Foote

Photographer and architect Nell Dickerson began her exploration of antebellum homesteads with encouragement from her cousin-in-law renowned Civil War historian and novelist Shelby Foote. Now at the Civil War’s 150th anniversary, her mission is to draw attention to the architectural heritage of the South devastated by the war. Her passion for forgotten and neglected buildings has become a plea for preservation.

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American Plague Cover

The American Plague by Molly Caldwell Crosby

This book tells the story of the yellow fever epidemic in Memphis, TN, one that would cost more lives than the Chicago Fire, San Francisco Earthquake and the Johnstown Flood combined. More than 8500 Memphians perished during the epidemic and nearly 2500 of these victims rest at Elmwood. After documenting the devastation brought on by the disease, the story travels to Cuba to follow the course of Dr. Walter Reed and his team of scientists to find a cure for the disease.

Trade Paperback

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Fever Season

Fever Season chronicles the drama in Memphis from the outbreak of Yellow Fever in August 1878 until the disease ran its course in late October. The story that Jeanette Keither uncovered is a profound account of how a catastrope inspired reactions both heroic and cowardly.

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Graveyard Girl

Graveyard Girl by Anna Myers

It is 1878 and a yellow fever epidemic has turned the boisterous city of Memphis solemn and fearful. The fever has taken Eli’s mother and sister and driven his grieving father away. All alone, he vows to harden his heart against further loss. Yet, Elis is soon drawn to Grace, an angelic, otherworldly child known as the “Graveyard Girl.” Grace tolls the bell for each new dead soul in Elmwood Cemetery.

Trade Paperback

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