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Mary Ellen Kelly

MIXED MEDIA - I usually tell people that I can neither draw a portrait, nor paint a church, but what I can do, is put stuff together so that it looks good. I've always had a creative eye and I've always been resourceful. Creating mixed media art is just a process that allows me to visually combine the two strengths. Because I adore all things retro and vintage, I tend to use these types of ephemera in my work. 
PHOTOGRAPHY - I am a constant observer of people and things. Lately, I've been capturing these findings with my iPhone, and it has been a delight to show my views. My proudest shots are those with simple subjects/objects that have been unnoticed and usually passed by. In this kind of photography my style is minimalistic since my eye tends to focus on that one little thing.
GRAPHIC DESIGN - My initial professional start into the creative world has been in graphic design. Over the years I've created and produced everything from logos and business identities, to magazines, promotional ads, business cards, labels, product packaging, mechanical diagrams, invitations and everything in between, truly, all things printed. I enjoy working with clients with their professional or personal projects to make real, the visions in their minds. To contact Mary Ellen Kelly or to view her work visit


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