We wish to thank the following individuals who have participated in the Ever Green at Elmwood Program in 2015:


The Turley Foundation (2 oak trees) - 49, 41

Douglas Sanders (oak tree) - 7

Cynthia St. Clair and Elizabeth Forman, in memory of Jean Clapp St. Clair (oak) - 3

Patrick Denham, in memory of the Denham Family (2 crepe myrtles) – 4, 4

Fred Smith (American holly) - 5

Molly and Robert D. Gooch, III, in honor of Kim McCollum and staff (crepe myrtle) - 47

John and Sally Thomason (oak) - 50

Billie S. Fortas, in memory of Sherry Stone Martin (crepe myrtle) - 8

Bill and Marjorie Levy, in memory of Laurine V.H. Smith (crepe myrtle) - 9

Minetry Apperson Crowley, in memory of the Appersons, the Longs, and the Merrells (crepe myrtle) - 10

Betty Darden (crepe myrtle) - 46

S.W. Farnsworth, III (magnolia) - 51

Joyce S. Moriarty (crepe myrtle) - 48

Jessie K. Williams, in memory of James E. Williams (crepe myrtle) - 14

Perry E. Bradley, in memory of Clara Belle Bradley (oak) - 15

Ms. June B. Mann, in memory of Lon Mann (two oak trees) – 16, 16

Mrs. John L. Salmon, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Newton Cannon Perkins (magnolia) - 17

Ruth A. Racely, in memory of Imogean Covington and Kermit Lamar Racely and John Hutto Weed (elm) - 18

Mrs. Rosemary Hugo, in memory of Henry J. Hugo (crepe myrtle) - 19

Martha Orth, in memory of Celeste and George Beggs (crepe myrtle) - 24

Nancy R. Dowling, in memory of Forrest Dowling (crepe myrtle) - 21

Carol Murff Oates, in memory of Frances & James Murff and Charles & Louise Oates (magnolia) - 42

Met Crump, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Crump and Patrick Crump (magnolia) - 23

Dan Lawrie, in honor of Beth Rash (oak) - 45

The Kitabchi Family (tulip poplar) – 58

The Brubaker Family (southern magnolia) - 43

Elmwood Cemetery, in memory of Hal B. Howard, Jr. (alta magnolia) – 55, 56, 57