We wish to thank the following individuals who have participated in the Ever Green at Elmwood Program in 2018:


1.    Crape Myrtle given by the Junior League of Memphis 

2.    Princeton elm given by Cynthia St. Clair in memory of Jean Alice Clapp St. Clair and Shelley St. Clair

3.    Yoshino Cherry given by Nona Bolin in memory of the Whitaker/Flemming family

4.    Redbud given by Donna Rhodes in memory of Marjorie Bell

5.    American holly given by Gina Pickens in memory of the Black family

6.    Redbud given by Nancy Dowling in memory of Forrest Dowling 

7.    Oak given by Phyllis Petersen in memory of her mother

8.    Oak given by Phyllis Petersen in memory of her mother

9.    Oak given by Cookie and Mike Swain in memory of the Roper family

10.    Oak given by Rogers Beasley in memory of Beasley family 

11.    Ironwood given by Elmwood staff to honor Elmwood Trustees 

12.    Redbud given by Judy Snowden in memory of Brinkley Snowden, Jr. 

13.    Yoshino Cherry given by Eunice Tenent in memory of Wayne Jackson 

14.    Redbud given by Elmwood staff and Trustees in honor of Elmwood volunteers