From the Beyond: Ghosts, Spiritualism, and Cemeteries (Online)

All will be revealed.

Anyone who works at a cemetery (technically, a cemetarian) knows that the number one question posed to them by the public will always be: have you ever seen a ghost? The question is often in jest, but inquiring minds seem to want to hear yes. Why are so many people intrigued by the potential for poltergeists? What’s got us gasping for ghouls?

After years of avowed silence and cynicism on the subject, we’re ready to talk about it. Elmwood Cemetery Executive Director Kim Bearden, a cemetarian with 24 years of experience, will share the fascinating history of spiritualism in the United States, and how it ties into the abolitionist, temperance, and suffrage movements. She will explore the meaning of spiritualism, or the religious belief that the dead communicate with and advise the living. Ghost photography, séance, and more will be illuminated during this 45-minute presentation, now online. Cost is $20 per person. Space is limited. All proceeds benefit historic Elmwood Cemetery.


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January 17, 2023 @ 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM