Elmwood Cemetery was established as one of the first rural garden cemeteries in the South. Fifty Memphis gentlemen held the vision of a beautiful and dignified final resting place amid towering trees and winding paths and lanes. This would become a park for the living as well, where family outings, picnics and social gatherings could occur. It would be a place where beautiful gardens are tended, and individual monuments celebrate life and death. And so it continues to be.

Seventy-five thousand people are buried here, with space for fifteen thousand more. Beneath our ancient elms, oaks and magnolias lay our most honored and revered. Flowering dogwoods and crepe myrtles are interspersed with Memphis history, those famous and infamous, loved and feared. There are veterans of every American war, from the Revolutionary War forward. There are people from every walk of life and every culture. Generals, senators and governors, mayors, madams and murderers, and of course, perfectly ordinary citizens are all here. Elmwood is a place for all people. It is Memphis history.