Elmwood Decoration & Flower Policy

  • Flowers may be left attached to the monuments or markers by using vases or saddles.

  • During grass cutting season (March 1 – October 31) flowers should not be left in separate containers on the ground. Exceptions are Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Memorial Day. Flowers left on these holidays will remain in place for five days.

  • All flowers, temporary markers, memorials, decorations, holders, flower hooks, lights, stands, etc., will be removed. Balloons are not allowed and will be removed.

  • Funeral flowers and decorations will be removed at our discretion.

  • Please do not leave any items of great value. Elmwood staff is not responsible for items left in the cemetery.

Holiday décor and wreaths purchased during the month of December will be left up until January 8th. Please retrieve your items if you wish to keep them before January 8th.

This list is meant to be helpful to our families and friends. If you have questions about items you would like to bring to Elmwood, please email historian@elmwoodcemetery.org.