Elmwood Cemetery is pleased to announce George Larrimore's tenure as the 2023 Volunteer Photographer-in-Residence. In his own words:

Over the past several years, my wife Judy Card and I have taken countless walks on the roads and hills through and around Elmwood, always with an eye open.  We've seen this place in all seasons and weather and from many angles. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute some fresh, or at least different, images of the place. I subscribe to the Robert Capa/Ernest Withers approach to photography: the first element in getting a great picture is to put yourself where the picture is.

Judy and I are very involved with Elmwood: We participate in the Cradle Gardener project, we have a couple of plots waiting for us, and the young Copper Beech tree near the Turley section (the only one of its type at Elmwood) was a gift in our names from Kim and Willy Bearden, in honor of our recent marriage.