Monument Policy

Elmwood Cemetery does not sell memorial stonework of any kind. The staff is glad to work with any and all monument dealers to help you find the best memorial stone option for you.  We encourage customers to work with the monument dealer of their choice, but highly recommend you use a well-established, local dealer, who will stand behind their work.

Construction and Materials

The smallest marker that Elmwood allows is 2’x1’, or 24 inches long by 12 inches wide. All markers must be at least 4 inches in height (there is no maximum height restriction at Elmwood).

Single markers on full grave spaces cannot exceed the width of the gravesite, which is 36 inches (3 feet).

Markers on single grave spaces purchased for ashes must be 2’x1’ (24” long by 12” wide). They also must be at least 4” tall, but there is no limit (by policy) on how tall they can be beyond that.

Elmwood allows monuments made of granite, bronze, or marble.

Waiting Period

Elmwood Cemetery requires a 3 month waiting period before any foundations, markers, monuments or headstones can be installed.

What fees are associated with installing a monument at Elmwood?

For privately-purchased monuments, there is a one-time Marker Permit Fee of 0.25 cents per square inch of the base must be paid (minimum $100) to Elmwood before the monument can be installed. This fee is normally collected by the monument company you choose.

After the Waiting Period – Ordering a Monument

After you have placed an order with your monument dealer, the dealer is responsible for contacting Elmwood with artwork and monument specifications. This must be done in writing via fax to 901-774-0085. All items must be approved by the Elmwood staff before installation.


The monument dealer you choose will be responsible for installing a foundation for the monument to rest on. The foundation for your monument will be set by your monument dealer. This may be done on Wednesdays or Thursdays between the hours of 8 AM and 3 PM.

Government Markers for Veterans

Elmwood only allows flat granite markers from the Veterans Administration. The fee to have a foundation and government marker installed by the Elmwood staff is $250; this fee includes the marker permit fee.

To obtain an application for a government marker from the Veterans Administration, please visit


  • The ground surrounding a monument might erode or sink. This could cause a monument to list to one side. Cemetery staff members go to great lengths to prevent this from happening. If this happens, please contact the cemetery staff at 901-774-3212.

  • Elmwood Cemetery does not own any of the monuments, statuary, or mausoleums on the cemetery grounds. The staff will endeavor to protect these items. It is recommended that a monument owner insure monuments; this can be easily accomplished by contacting your Homeowners Insurance Agent.

  • The staff of Elmwood Cemetery reserves the right to move a monument out of harm’s way should cemetery work require it; this would include funerals, tree removals, or unanticipated Acts of God. The staff will return all monuments to their proper place within a 2 week time period.