Elmwood Cemetery does not sell memorial stonework of any kind. The Elmwood staff is happy to work with all monument dealers to help you find the best memorial stone option for you.  We encourage customers to work with the monument dealer of their choice.

Markers and monuments installed at Elmwood are subject to the following policies. Elmwood Cemetery requires approval for any monument before it is installed in the cemetery. It is important that each lot owner or purchaser understands that it is their responsibility to ensure that they or their monument dealer has submitted the necessary paperwork to Elmwood for approval, prior to finalizing their contract. Elmwood is not responsible for refusing to allow completed monuments that were not approved in advance.



Temporary markers are not allowed at Elmwood.


Elmwood requires a 90-day waiting period following interment before a monument or marker can be set. This waiting period allows time for the ground to settle.


Markers may only be installed on lots that are paid in full.


A marker permit fee, equal to 25 cents per square inch of base (minimum $100), will be charged for every marker or monument that is set at Elmwood. Some monument companies include this in their price and some companies require the lot holder to pay Elmwood directly; in either case, it must be paid prior to setting the stone.


Only one marker may be placed on each single grave space unless specifically approved by the Superintendent of the Cemetery. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the one stone will be at the head of the grave, facing the grave. If the grave is extra-depth, both names must be placed on a single marker.


Download Market Permit Form here. 

Submit the form to to Bob Barnett at bob@elmwoodcemetery.org or by fax to 901-774-0085. 

The Superintendent or Assistant Director must approve all markers, monuments, and statuary including size, design, etchings, epitaphs, verses, engravings, and photographic reproductions prior to fabrication. Only the lot holder or the deceased’s next of kin may erect a monument or marker on a grave. Application may be made through the monument dealer of their choice by the completion of Elmwood’s Monument Application Form.

Elmwood is not responsible for expenses incurred for markers, monuments, or statuary that are contracted/fabricated without PRIOR approval and are subsequently refused by the cemetery. In certain situations (such as requests to mark old graves), the Executive Director or designee may approve applications from others not listed here if the lot holder or next of kin is deceased, unidentifiable, or otherwise unavailable.

  • Markers and monuments may only be installed by individuals and companies that are licensed and insured to do such work. Work, materials, and mode of operation must meet the specifications of Elmwood Cemetery. Any questions should be directed to the Superintendent of the Cemetery.
  • Markers and Monuments may only be set on Wednesdays and Thursdays unless special permission is granted by the Superintendent of the Cemetery.
  • Installers MUST check in at the office before proceeding with any installation of a marker or monument. Work must be completed no later than 4:30 pm.The installation of all markers, monuments, and structures within the cemetery is under the supervision of the Superintendent of the Cemetery in order to protect the cemetery and enforce its rules.
  • Elmwood Cemetery is not responsible for defects in the foundation, structure, or workmanship of any marker or monument, nor for the negligence of any contractor or contractor employees.
  • Elmwood does not set markers, except for Veterans Administration markers. The charge for setting a government marker is $150 (in addition to the marker permit fee).We do not recommend the use of internet-only monument companies. If you choose to use one, you will have to arrange for a licensed and bonded, third-party contractor to set the stone. The permit fee is still due.

Elmwood Cemetery assumes no liability or risk related to the placement of markers or monuments. Elmwood Cemetery is not responsible for damage to monuments and markers or other decorations for any reason, including, but not limited to theft, vandalism, storms, acts of God, pesticide use, or accidents resulting from normal cemetery maintenance including mowing and interments.


Above-ground crypts, vaults, columbaria, or mausoleums will not be allowed without special approval (application must include plans, material descriptions, and specifications). An endowment fund may be required by Elmwood to maintain the structure and any landscaping.


Large, unusual, and ornate monuments are encouraged at Elmwood Cemetery, but they must be approved by a vote of the Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director. Plans will be submitted to the Executive Director before fabrication begins. Elmwood Cemetery is not liable for refusing any monuments that are fabricated without written approval.


Curbing is only permitted around lots of eight or more spaces and only with the approval of the Executive Director of Elmwood Cemetery. A minimum contribution of $20,000 to Elmwood’s endowment fund will be required if permitted. New cradle-enclosures are only permitted on family lots with a minimum of eight existing cradles, and only when matching existing cradles.


Elmwood allows markers from the Veterans Administration. The fee to have a foundation and government marker installed by the Elmwood staff is $250; this fee includes the marker permit fee. Bronze plaques require the purchase of a marble or granite base from a monument dealer, in which case the monument company may install it. To obtain an application for a government marker from the Veterans Administration, please visit www.cem.va.gov.



All markers, monuments, and statuary must be constructed of good quality granite, marble, bronze, stainless steel, or monument-quality limestone or slate. Monuments that include glasswork (such as stained glass or leaded glass) must include an exact, color, detailed depiction of the work, including dimensions, with the monument application. Concrete is not permitted. Families requesting monuments that include metal or glass elements may be required to make a contribution to the Elmwood Endowment fund in an amount sufficient to provide future maintenance to the memorial; the amount will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director.


All monuments at Elmwood require a foundation. Quick concrete is acceptable for small markers, but large markers and monuments require a wet pour that must cure before installation. Questions can be directed to the Superintendent.

  • The minimum size for a monument at Elmwood is 24 inches long by 12 inches wide by 4 inches high; this type of flat marker is often referred to as a two by one.
  • The minimum size upright base is 28 inches long by 12 inches wide by 4 inches high on single graves, with a die (upright panel) of at least 6” in thickness.
  • Slants (or beveled stones) are permitted, provided they meet the minimum size requirements laid out above.
  • The maximum width on a single (or extra depth), full-size grave is 36 inches across; the maximum size on a single ashes-only space is 24 inches long by 12 inches wide by 4 inches high.
  • The Superintendent or Assistant Director may approve exceptions to the minimum size requirements in certain situations, such as when matching older stones on an existing family lot or in the case of infant burials.

As a private cemetery, Elmwood reserves the right to disallow content that could promote illegal behavior OR be offensive, including, but not limited to vulgar language, copyright violations (i.e., cartoon characters, professional or college sports logos, brand names or symbols), gang names, etc.

  • Full-color, etched stones are no longer permitted at Elmwood. Colorants used to enhance engravings are discouraged due to their tendency to fail over time, but if used are restricted to white (on black granite only) or dark gray (pure black is not permitted).
  • Photographic images etched on stones may not exceed 25% of the surface area of the marker or memorial without written approval from the Assistant Director or Superintendent of the Cemetery.
  • A porcelain color or black-and-white photograph may be included on a memorial, provided it does not exceed 4 inches by 6 inches. All porcelain photos, regardless of color, must be either recessed into the stone OR contained within a bronze or stainless-steel frame with cover.


Temporary Relocation of Markers 

The staff of Elmwood Cemetery reserves the right to move a monument out of harm’s way should cemetery work require it; this would include funerals, tree removals, or unanticipated Acts of God. The staff will return all monuments to their proper place in a timely manner when conditions allow.