Dr. Julie L. Lester is an educator, a mom, and an artist who has, since 2010, rediscovered her love of photography. Having nurtured a love of the craft since she was eighteen, Julie began experimenting with portraiture and landscape photography with a Pentax K1000: a film camera her mother purchased for her in 1987. Since that time, she has discovered the flexibility and immediacy of digital photography: a pursuit that has enabled her to delve more fully into her passion. A native Memphian and lifelong resident, she is captivated by the history of her hometown, and thrilled to have the opportunity to capture scenes from one of Memphis's foremost landmarks. 

Julie credits the influence of her father, Memphis artist John C. Lester, for her artistic creativity and impulse; and her mother, a former Memphis schoolteacher, for her love of beauty, history, and her passion for sharing the rich heritage she seeks to disclose through her art. 

Julie is an assistant professor of English at Southwest Tennessee Community College.