The Board of Trustees and staff of Elmwood is pleased to announce that Paula Cravens is the Photographer-In-Residence for 2010. Paula says, “I received my first 35 mm camera for Christmas when I was 16 years old. My love for photography began then.”

Paula is originally from Vicksburg, MS. She graduated from Mississippi State in 1984 with a BA in Commercial Art. She has worked in interior design for large hotel corporations. In 1992, she changed her career to nursing, and now works at the Regional Medical Center.

In 2007, Paula reports that a friend encouraged her to use a digital camera, and once she did she never put it down. She soon employed Infared photography and prefers it over other techniques.

Paula is an active member of the Memphis Camera Club, where, she says, “competitions have encouraged me to hone my skills and have challenged me to look at the world differently.”

Cemteries are Paula’s favorite subject. Her first art show was on October 3, 2009, at West Memorials. She exhibited many of her favorite photos taken in various cemeteries in Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Paula says, “My goal is to continue my quest for the ultimate photo that I know is out there…somewhere.” We hope that she finds it at Elmwood Cemetery.