The Elmwood Historian is glad to assist you with research inquiries and requests for a nominal donation to the cemetery.

Elmwood has records dating back to the first interment in 1853. 

Our library and archives contain materials on people buried at Elmwood and the history of Memphis.

Research Inquiries can be made online to, by calling 901-774-3212, or by mail.

There is no charge to look up names of those buried here.  All requests will be answered in a timely manner. Please allow up to two weeks for the historian to respond to your request.   

To do further research into the files, the Elmwood library, or other record books, we ask for a $20.00 donation. 

To have photos of lots and monuments emailed to you, we ask for a $20.00 donation.  Our archives include lot books showing each person buried in a lot plus alphabetical and daily burial books.  

In addition, there are files for many persons buried here that include some deeds, letters, newspaper articles, obituaries, and photographs, all of which might be helpful to researchers and genealogists.  Please allow up to two weeks for your request to be answered.