The Phillips Cottage

The Cottage, which serves as the Visitor Center and office, was built in 1866, and a parlor, brick vault and front porch were added in 1902. The Cottage is the only known example of Victorian Carpenter Gothic architecture in Memphis.

The Phillips Cottage was entered on the National Register of Historic Places as project number #02000233 on May 22, 1978.

In 1998, an east wing for business offices was added by the Crawford Howard Family Foundation. The Cottage has come to symbolize Elmwood to its families and visitors.


Norfleet Bell

The bell located on top of the brick vault has been located at the north entrance to the cemetery since the early 1870s. It has tolled at every processional since it was donated by the State Female College.

The bell was endowed as a gift to Elmwood by Jean and Frank Norfleet.




Morgan Bridge

The Morgan Bridge that connects East Dudley Street to the grounds was designed by City of Memphis Engineer and Elmwood resident J. A. Omberg. A span bridge design was used to ensure the clearance of the under-passing trains and to give visitors a breath-taking panoramic view when they enter the grounds.

The Morgan Bridge was entered on the National Register of Historic Places as project number #02000233 on May 22, 1978.

The Morgan Bridge was endowed through a gift to Elmwood by Musette and Allen B. Morgan, Jr.


The Stokes Columbarium

This grey granite columbarium was added to the grounds of Elmwood Cemetery in 2005. It was generously donated to Elmwood by Anne and John Stokes. The columbarium is conveniently located just outside of the Lord's Chapel and next to the Miller Garden. The columbarium is shaded by a mature Gingko tree and can be seen from the front porch steps of the historic Phillips Cottage. 

There are 250 niches within the columbarium and they face both east and west. Each niche allows for the inurnment of two urns of approved size. Engraving on the face plate of each niche is encouraged, and the guidelines are available by contacting an Elmwood staff member. 

If you are interested in purchasing a niche within the Stokes Columbarium, please contact a member of the Elmwood staff at 901-774-3212, or email


The Lord’s Chapel

The Lord's Chapel at Elmwood is located across from the Cottage, just inside the gates and across the Morgan Bridge. Built in 2005 through a generous gift of the Garrott family, the Lord's Chapel was designed by architect Jack Tucker, Jr. and built by Ron Speck.  In keeping with tradition, the Chapel is reminiscent of the Victorian Gothic Carpenter style of architecture that was used in building the 1866 Phillips Cottage.

The Lord's Chapel may be reserved for funeral services and funeral receptions.

Other events such as weddings, civic and scout groups, birthday parties and more can be scheduled. The Chapel seats approximately 50 people and accommodates approximately 100 standing. It is equipped with its own restroom and kitchen.

For more information, event pricing, or to reserve the Chapel, please contact the Elmwood office at (901) 774-3212 or email