How do I bring my club to the cemetery? We want to visit!

Are you a member of a civic group, garden club, or Sunday school class that would like to visit Elmwood? Meet in the Lord’s Chapel for a special presentation on the history of Elmwood Cemetery.  The cost for your hour of enjoyment and learning is $100 (additional hours will increase the rental fee). 

After lunch, take an audio tour from the comfort of your car; audio tours are included free of charge. 

Alternatively, an Elmwood staffer would be thrilled to provide your group with a walking tour. Stops on the route include Elmwood’s state champion Atlas cedar tree, the Snowden angel, the obelisk on the Boss Crump lot, a very special swing, and much more history. This add-on tour costs $15 per person.  

Please note this offer can be scheduled Monday-Friday only; Saturday and Sunday charges will apply. Special rates will apply in the months of April and October. 

To reserve the Chapel for your group, please email or call 901-774-3212 and ask to speak to Kelly Sowell.